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Payments - Personal Warranty

You are requesting that NIKE make payment under your Contract by wire transfer to a Bank Account with a name that is different than the Vendor Name provided in Part 1. NIKE is willing to consent to this arrangement on the condition that you warrant and agree as follows:

  1. That any payment made by NIKE to the Bank Account provided will be deemed to have been made to you; that once any such payment is made by NIKE, your only claim for monies related to this payment will be against the holder of the Bank Account; that you (on behalf of yourself and others claiming through you) will not sue or bring any claim against NIKE in connection with any payment so made by NIKE; that you agree to indemnify and hold NIKE harmless from any claim relating to delayed receipt or nonreceipt by you (or those claiming through you) of any amount(s) paid by NIKE to the Bank Account provided; that the holder of the Bank Account is your agent or authorized legal representative and is entitled to the payment;
  2. That you will give NIKE not less than thirty (30) days’ notice in writing, evidenced by updating and re-submitting this Banking Maintenance/Update form, of all material details of any desired change in payment instructions for payments under the Contract (and any extension or renewal thereof), and that NIKE will be responsible for honoring such changed instructions only after thirty (30) days’ proper written notice;
  3. That the holder of the Bank Account is not a government official or third-party intermediary for a government official;
  4. That notwithstanding the payment arrangements, you will personally render all the services and fulfill all the undertakings called for in your Contract with NIKE; and
  5. That any breach of this warranty will be grounds for termination of your Contract with NIKE and recovery of any sums paid in accordance with these instructions.

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Part 4: Certification

I have agreed to submit this form by electronic means. By signing this form electronically, I certify that I have examined the information on this form and represent and warrant that it is true, correct and complete.

Nike will accept the signature that appears below as legal and binding by the principal or designated principal of the payee. Do not sign this form if you are not a principal or designated principal. This form must be signed by a principal or designated principal.

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